Welcome Message


Principal M. A. Sattar

Founder & Chairman

Shyamoli Textile Engineering College

Welcome to Shyamoli Textile Engineering College. With a heartfelt desire to promoting our ideals into the fields of education and research, Shyamoli Textile Engineering College is poised to become an instant celebrity in the field of engineering education. Built with the vision of producing the engineering graduates of the new millennium with the dexterity and maturity the nation requires – this endeavor heralds our continued commitment to the people of Bangladesh. It is our expectation that Shyamoli Textile Engineering College will bring a new era in the field of engineering education. It will provide the nation and the global economy with a fresh and continuous combination of highly skilled graduates ready and willing to meet and exceed all professional opportunities in all fields of involvement. As we continue to progress to meet the challenges and goals of today, we will maintain our vigil for the challenges of tomorrow. Through this journey Insha-Allah our will and commitment to our cause will remain steadfast.